Paul: Senior Full-Stack Developer

  • 10+ years of full-stack development experience creating high performance web applications.
  • 3+ years of leadership experience optimizing dev teams and reducing project complexity.

Lead development teams at Localyyz and Mannr as CTO and co-founder. Currently leading Cloutdesk as the CTO and taking contracts at Spacestation Labs.

Kelly: Full-Stack Developer

  • Developed a passion for web development and is currently working on a project to make the world a better place.
  • 10+ years SWE experience through osmosis.
  • Provided unique perspective representing 50% of world’s population as a key member of lab’s UX/UI team.
  • Frequently used JavaScript as a conversation starter.

Mimo experience: 37% Intro to Web Development, 8% Interactive Webpages, 10% Intermediate HTML & CSS

Mark: Senior Data Developer

  • Data solutions architect with 10+ years of experience.

Mark’s work primarily focus on creating and auditing data ingestion workflow. He’s worked with various large enterprise clients to manage and upgrade their data pipelines. Mark specializes in the planning and development aspects of data focused solutions. He places a high importance on ensuring his solutions are as optimal, manageable, and cost effective, based on client requirements.

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