OneWBS: 2021-present
For client:

OneWBS is a web application that assists the cost estimation of construction projects by facilitating the aggregation, retrieval and calculation of past project costs. The web app allows cost estimator to search and access thousands of data-points, resolve cost discrepancies, and be notified of changes in real-time.

Technologies: Graphql, Go, React, Firebase, Docker, GCP

Panorama: 2020-2021
For client:

Panorama is a web application that assists the design of building facades by visualizing the designs in 3D and real-time. The app also dynamically validates the facade configuration against business requirements and calculates costs in real-time.

Green-fielded the project from first line of code, set-up infrastructure on GCP using hosted postgres, Standard app-engine, hosted docker build.

Technologies: Graphql, Go, React, PostgreSQL, ThreeJS, Docker, GCP

Mannr: 2019-present

Mannr helps men dress better by connecting them with professional style shoppers via text. Complete a simple style profile and get outfit recommendations through text. Shop recommendations across hundreds of brands, budgets, and styles in one simple integrated web portal.

Technologies: Go, React, PostgreSQL, Docker, GCP
API Integrations: Stripe, Twilio

Multinational Media Conglomerate: 2018-2020
Implemented fault tolerant, ACID compliant file ingestion through ECS, EFS and AWS Lambda.

Technologies: AWS ECS, EFS, Lambda, S3, Python

Big 3 Telecom Provider: 2017-2018
Processed and sessionized 500 GB of streaming/cable viewership data per day. Provided hourly datasets to downstream consumers for the purpose of verifying viewership figures and advanced advertising targeting.

Technologies: AWS Glue, Kinesis, RDS, S3, DynamoDB, Apache Spark, Lambda, Python

Localyyz: 2017-2019
Localyyz allowed shoppers to shop from multiple Shopify stores easily through a single checkout through a mobile app. Integrated directly into the Shopify’s app store, merchants can easily install Localyyz and start selling on the app within minutes.

Technologies: Go, React Native, PostgreSQL, Nats Stream Server, Docker, GCP
API Integrations: Shopify, Stripe, OneSignal